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Damaged USB socket on EV3

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  • Damaged USB socket on EV3

    One of our students has managed to damage the mini-USB port for the connection to the computer, so the middle part of the socket has been completely pulled out. Does anyone know if it is possible to replace the socket? What would the specs be for a replacement socket and where could I get one (in the UK)? I'm prepared to do a bit of soldering.


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    No experience replacing them on the EV3, but have fixed similar sockets on other devices. If you google for mini usb sockets, you should be able to find plenty; these are common parts.

    There are some minor variations in models, mainly in the way they are secured on to the board (...some are surface mounted, while others uses a through hole), so you'll need to watch out for that.


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      You are better off contacting Lego to ask what they recommend. Unless you are experienced at soldering and desoldering, it is highly likely that you will damage the circuit board and/or other components. It is also difficult to find a part where the pins are in the same position as the one used on the Spike Prime. I was not able to find two USB connectors that would fit in the same holes for a circuit board I am designing for work.


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        philso thanks for that thought. I've just had a frustrating session trying to convey my problem to a Lego chatbot. Since a damaged USB port doesn't fall within any of its question paths it has sent an email to customer service, but I don't know if I'm likely to get any sensible response!


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          The Spike prime uses a USB C socket. Those are much harder to work with than the mini-USB socket on the EV3 (...more pins, much finer pitch, and almost certainly surface mounted).

          If you can get a replacement from Lego, that'll be great. If you can make do with just Bluetooth, that's ok as well (...I've personally found Bluetooth connections to be terrible on EV3 classroom). But if you need to solder a replacement, mini-USB is not that hard to work with.


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            My Spike Prime has micro-usb. Is the USB-C something new, or were you mistaken? My EV3's had mini-USB.
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              I'll definitely have a go at soldering in a new port. It would be amazing if LEGO actually supplied one, but I opened up an EV3 brick yesterday and had a look at the fitting, and I think I may have found one online which would fit.

              Bluetooth is a disaster in a robot club with many children each with their own computer but sharing robots - bluetooth links the brick to a specific computer and if another child wants to use the robot they have to unpair it and re-pair it. USB cables are much simpler!


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                Originally posted by SkipMorrow View Post
                My Spike Prime has micro-usb. Is the USB-C something new, or were you mistaken? My EV3's had mini-USB.
                I must be mistaken. I rarely use the Spike and don't have one on hand with me to check. My apologies.