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Winning the Robot Game with LEGO SPIKE Prime, new book soon

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  • Winning the Robot Game with LEGO SPIKE Prime, new book soon

    Hi everybody!
    I'm at about page 60 of 150 of my draft for a book focused on the SPIKE Prime platform, most especially as corresponds to FLL competitions.
    I'm planning to have it out before the next season, both in print and Kindle formats.
    Right now I'm figuring out things for the final structure, reading a lot all I can find (and there is a LOT!) to not miss any important point, meanwhile fleshing out things, chapter by chapter, page by page.
    I find it odd that nothing has been yet published as a book with this newest LEGO platform in the tournament setting, I guess there might be several coming soon? You would think that would have some market...

    The big intention is that it should be as complete as possible for all that I needed to know as a brand-new FLL coach, in one place, a sort of belated scratch-your-own-itch kind of thing, as my learning was rather all over the place.
    No less big, is the intention to be able to raise funds to have a few SPIKE units be deployed in a school I am friends with in Nepal. That won't be cheap.

    At this stage, I would sort of want to line up early reviewers that would care to look at advanced drafts, and offer input and advice. Interested?
    Might even consider publishing a section or two written by other authors, if that's something that you would want to be part of.

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    A book on using Spike Prime in FLL sounds useful! Yama in Franklin - I would recommend posting over in the Facebook group to get reviewers. There's more traffic over there.


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      Yama in Franklin Not sure how much help I can provide, but I'll be happy to take a look at your draft.


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        Cort Hey, I'm sure you will be able to add value.
        Hmm, might be worthwhile to add a section about, wonderful tool.
        If this forum has a messaging feature, I don't find it. I am trying your email @ aposteriori