Hi Everyone! I hope you are all staying safe and well during these unprecedented times. We are happy to announce that the next World Robotics League competition for the 2020 season has been announced.

This month's challenge involves clearing a radioactive waste site of hazardous materials. You are a mobile robotics expert and have been tasked with designing a strategy to clear nuclear reactor sites of contaminated nuclear waste and move it to a safe location.

Due to safety concerns, the electric power to nuclear reactors has been shut down which has caused the safety doors to automatically lock. Therefore, before you may move the materials, all the safety doors need to be opened using a robot.

You can learn more about the challenge by clicking this link:


If this is your first time participating in the WRL season then you are eligible for a grant to waive your team registration. Email [email protected] to get a grant code and details on this.

World Robotics League releases challenges every 4-6 weeks to offer teams and individuals a sustainable and measurable way to track growth and progress.

There are no hardware or software restrictions on this competition.