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World Robotics League Challenge 2 (competition for you to join!!)

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  • World Robotics League Challenge 2 (competition for you to join!!)

    Hi Folks! World Robotics League is excited to announce the second challenge of the season! Take a look and please email me at [email protected] if you have any questions or wish to receive a grant code for team registrations.

    This is the bronze level competition which will be a LEGOev3/VEXiq based competition. In a few weeks we will be announcing the silver level competition which is for the metal robots like FTC/FLL, VEX, and such.

    Take a look and if you guys have questions let me know! We post competitions every 4 weeks to keep teams engaged throughout the off-seasons and in-seasons of the various robotics competitions. WRL is a great way to sharpen up your team.

    Remember there are no restrictions on the hardware or software you use for WRL competitions. This is an at-home competition due to the recent COVID-19 situation.