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    Are there any rules for team T-shirts? This is our first year for FLL. In the past, we have tried other programs where you had to buy T-shirts from the program itself. My team would really like to get their team t-shirts made in a t-shirt printing place. Would that be okay?


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    Re: T shirts

    We do that all the time. Try and make sure the design doesn't take too much of the meeting time, and professional t-shirt printers won't print copyrighted characters (Like disney princesses or minecraft mobs)
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      Re: T shirts

      We have T-shirts printed locally. Different color every year. Logo design for our team on the front and team sponsors on the back.


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        Re: T shirts

        I don't believe there are any official rules for T-shirts.

        I have a couple of rules for my team when they are designing t-shirts. All of my rules are related to my desire to be able to easily pick them out of the crowd on tournament days and keeping the costs down. So I require that the t-shirts be a bright color that is not red, have some sort of distinctive printing on the back and use only one color of ink. We avoid red because so many other teams seem to choose red shirts. Last year I also wouldn't let them create a green shirt as I assumed (correctly) that multiple teams would use green as it fit in well with the Trash Trek them. One year the kids designed a bright blue shirt with yellow printing and two large lightning bolts on the back. Last year it was sorta a Lord of the Rings inspired shirt which had black printing on a deep yellow/gold shirt. Less distinctive back printing, but we were the only team at any of the tournaments we attended with that color shirt. We use to get our t-shirts printed. They've been very good about working with us to make the design the kids create work.
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          Re: T shirts

          The Coaches' Handbook has some guidelines on FIRST Logo usage:

          LOGO USAGE
          For team branding use, teams may design their T-shirts, hats, banners, and fliers around the FIRST or FIRST
          LEGO League logos. All teams and sponsors should consult the FIRST Branding & Design Standards and the
          Policy on the Use of FIRST Trademarks and Copyrighted Materials (including FIRST and the LEGO Group
          Intellectual Property) available on the FIRST website at The logos must remain
          unmodified and their use should promote FIRST LEGO League in a positive manner.


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            Re: T shirts

            We use . They have a great online graphic design feature that lets the kids easily create the shirt design by themselves. An added benefit is each family can order and pay individually (getting you a group discount based on the number of shirts ordered) They ship all the shirts together to one address.


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              Re: T shirts

              We too use Custom Ink!
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                We use as well. Here are the front and rear designs for our most recent T-shirt.

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                  We get team T-shirts locally with a graphic related to our project and team members names on the back (we do not have sponsors). My rules are only a distinctive color and themed graphics. Black and red are popular here so this year we are purple. The team discusses and chooses the graphics and a local T-shirt company draws it up for us. Coaches and mentors wear the same shirt. We are a home school group so we encourage the parents to also wear a shirt. This allows us to get over the minimum order quantity (12) so that we do not have to pay the T-shirt company for setup.


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                    i always prefer the shirts of **** rug or baja types from the best store that deliver on time.