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Age verification during application

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  • Age verification during application

    Our team has made a late decision to enter our project for the innovation award. One of the items on the form is verification that team members are between 9 and 14.

    Age Verification *
    Verify that all of the team members who worked on this idea between the ages of 9 and 16 (9-14 in the US, Canada, and Mexico) for the current season
    Few members of our team were a bit short of 9 in January -- it was ok with our local organizers. Should I answer "No" above (which would be technically correct, but may cause the computers to disqualify our entry), or Yes (which would not be accurate, but consistent with the way our local events were run)?

    I have asked this question to FLL, but may not get a response in time. I would appreciate if you share your insight.

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    Re: Age verification during application

    In my opinion, FIRST has always enforced the older-than-14, but never the younger-than-9 policy.

    Is there any room to place a comment to this fact? I understand the difficulty to answer just the yes/no option.


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      Re: Age verification during application

      dna, unfortunately there is no space for a comment like that, unless we include it in our idea description.

      I am going to answer yes there, and provide an explanation when I hear back from FLL.

      Thanks a lot for your reply.


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        Re: Age verification during application

        I think it is just fine to put "yes" - FLL is all about being open to all. I don't think it is that important to follow the letter of the law when the spirit of the law - and of FLL - prevails. All the same, the FLL global innovation team hotline is great, I got a response within 24 hours!
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