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Looking for some great COVID CV exercises

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  • Looking for some great COVID CV exercises

    What Core Values exercises have you come up with that can be done virtually or while socially distanced (SD)?

    I'll start.

    Build This (Virtual or SD)
    Preliminary. Make sure each team member has a the same collection of three to five lego pieces. They should be the same shape, size, and color.

    One team member (the foreman) assembles their legos in a way they choose. The foreman has to give instructions as to how to build the exact same thing without showing it to anyone. For an extra challenge, everyone else is prohibited from talking (or put them on mute virtually). Teaches communications skills and the importance of clear directions.
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    My team is meeting completely virtually so finding Core Values activities, especially building activities which they can do as a team has been a challenge. Primarily so far I've been focusing on helping my team members learn more about each other (two new members, two returning) and enjoying our time. We've played "Two truths and a lie", "Never have a I ever" and shared favorite Lego sets. I had one student give us a tour of his room (we had a few extra minutes at the end of a video call). Next week everyone is going to share "one boring fact about themselves". I've also instituted the "Random fact of the week". Each week a student is assigned to share with us one random fact. This is more about trying to inspire discovery and creativity and just trying to lighten things up and get everyone talking at the start of the meeting so we're not just all staring at each other. Everyone seems to be really enjoying this and we're learning all sorts of random things.

    We did "Build this" and it went pretty well. It was helpful to give everyone a week to find the same set of five very generic blocks (I gave them a list as well as a picture). That way kids weren't sifting through their Lego during the meeting. I actually asked them to find two sets and use one to build a quick model before the meeting started. They were to keep that model off camera so no one could see it. Again, trying to save time during the meeting.
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      I've been thinking about a challenge where the students need to draw on a collaborative whiteboard a perfect playground. I would give them a list of requirements for the playground: things for kids of all ages, things for accessibility, safety considerations, aerobics, field sports, parking, lighting, restrooms, creativity, and so on. Then they could use the collaborative white board to draw it and then present it afterwards.

      Today we did the "Build this" challenge. Thanks for the tip about getting the legos ahead of time. It was easier because the kids could pick up the pre-fill lego baggies at school. It went pretty well. I have the lego ISS model and I explained how the engineers that built the ISS had to collaborate with other countries to build the ISS and they had to be sure everything would fit together for the first time on-orbit. No chance to test the fit here on earth! Kind of like the "build this" challenge.
      Norfolk, Virginia, USA
      FLL Coach and Regional Tournament Head judge since 2014