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    Hello! I am so sorry if this has been asked but I am extremely confused on how to go about this. We would like to start a LEGO team and I am not finding any information on how to go about this...I don't know if I'm completely missing something but I am very lost. Can someone please point me in the right direction? Thank you so much! We are located in Albany, NY!

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    This year's season is wrapping up, but you are asking questions at a good time to start getting organized for next season.


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      You might want to ask your regional partner if there are any grants available for first year teams. Here in Virginia we have a few such options which makes it easier for those brand new teams.

      Thank you for stepping up though! You are coming in at the perfect time in order to be ready by this fall for the new season.
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        I think Hudson Valley First Lego League may be the regional partner for the Albany area.

        Email them to get more information about robotics in your area
        [email protected]
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          Thank you so much for your help!!!!