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Lego team in 17050 zip code

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  • Lego team in 17050 zip code

    Hi All
    I am looking for a spot in a lego team in 17050 for my son.
    He is very enthusiastic about lego,coding and is a team player.
    Please ping me if anybody has a spot.....
    Thanks RS

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    Any guidance please


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      Hi Rahuldba

      Welcome to the FLL Forums.

      I am writing to let you know that the majority of the FLL teams do not participate on this forum, or any other forum.

      You are best off contacting FIRST Head Quarters, navigating through the phone system to the group that supports the FLL program and asking for the contact details for the Area Coordinator (or some similar title) overseeing the program in your area. That person should have the contact details for all the team in the area. The FIRST HQ people I have spoken with have always been very friendly and helpful.

      A search for teams in Pennsylvania turns up 447 of them. Unfortunately, the FIRST website does not give any contact details for FLL teams.

      It also very late in the competition season so it may be difficult to find a team that can add a new team member at this time. Searching for tournaments in Pennsylvania, it looks like the Qualifying Tournaments are scheduled for between Nov 30 and Dec 7. It may be good to find one or two of the tournaments near you to visit. Entry is free for spectators. You may be able to meet up with teams that are open to new members for this season or next season, especially if your local Area Coordinator has made some introductions.

      If you are not able to find a team, you may want to consider starting your own team with your son and a few like minded children (and parents). There is a lot of help available for new teams and coaches online and on this forum.

      I hope your search is fruitful.