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    we are based in NJ and this is our 3rd season with FLL. We are looking to help other upcoming teams - in nutshell we are ready for volunteer any upcoming team. We can use technology in our favor so we using it okay to mentor anyone across the globe.
    please reach out to me for if you are looking for any other team to mentor you.

    Ekta Trivedi

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    This is great. I am also based in NJ and I am looking for any advice on how to start a team. I would like to coach a K team for the 2019-2020 season. Before I start reaching out to other parents or the school I would like to understand with I am getting into and what resources will I need.

    What are the essential materials needed to participate?
    From what I read on the website we need a WeDo 2.0 set and we will get the inspire set as well. However, I visited an expo two weeks ago all the teams built more than just what's required for the challenge. Is there any other lego sets recommended to have available for the kids? Is there a special discount for educational kits once the team is registered?

    How many iPads and or computers do we need? Are Chromebooks a good fit?

    Do I need to get "permission" from my kid's school to create the team?

    What are the room's dimensions you recommend for the weekly sessions?



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      I am based in a Taipei school and I would like to get started with a team. The school has run a team before but there is no one who can tell me what happened in the past. I have registered on the FIRST site and I now need to know how to register for the national competitions. I have never done any of this before so any guidance about how it all works would be appreciated!

      Thank you.