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Newbie: Starting a Team and have a boat load of questions

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  • Newbie: Starting a Team and have a boat load of questions

    Hello. I'm entering the First Lego Competition world. It's my first time and I have a group of 4 or maybe 5 , 4th graders I will be coaching/mentoring. Here are a few questions:
    1. Where will the competition be held? I'm near Los Angeles, CA?
    2. Are there practice challenges my team can work on and if so, are they included in the cost of registration or do I have to purchase them separately?
    3. Are there practice competitions and if so, where can I find them? If there are practice competitions, is the challenge the same as the FLL for the season?
    4. Is the EV3 kit from FLL the same as the (core set and expansion kit) from the lego education website?
    5. What else should I buy (bricks, sensors, motors, etc...) to get started?

    Thanks in advance.

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    If you get the EV3 sets, you could really just use the tutorials in the software to learn how everything works without buying the hydrodynamics set from FLL. What I'm doing with my new kids now is just giving them micro challenges like turning 180 degrees, putting a box on the table and having them drive around it, etc. Make a loop and have them try to pick it up. This would give you and your kids plenty to work on until August 1 when the new set will be released.


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      1) Look for the 2017 tournament dates in your area, this will give you an idea of probable locations/dates for next year.
      The LA Region FLL has a website. (They even offer training workshops for new coaches!)

      4) Dean's earlier answer to your question about the EV3 FLL kit was correct. The Lego Education website says:

      "The FIRST LEGO League EV3 Robot Set item 5003463 includes:
      EV3 Core Set - item 45544
      EV3 Expansion Set - item 45560
      Transformer 10V DC - item 45517"


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        Go to Click on the "New to FLL" link. Read and then come back if you have more questions. Lots of info there.


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          Thank you Dean Hystad. The link was very helpful and answered most of my questions.


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            Thanks to everyone that replied.