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Teacher in West Dundee IL Looking to Start a Club

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  • Teacher in West Dundee IL Looking to Start a Club


    I am a teacher in the western suburbs of Chicago. I would like to start a FLL club at the middle school I work at. I understand how to register a team and the team requirements. I am confused about which schools or clubs my team would compete against. Also, I would like to know where the completion would be located. I emailed the regional person in charge and she referred me to this forum.

    If you may offer any advice about the actual competition, it would be greatly appreciated. Again, we are located in a western suburb of Chicago. We are near Elgin, Algonquin, Barrington, and St. Charles.

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    Re: Teacher in West Dundee IL Looking to Start a Club

    Welcome to the forum! In FLL competition, teams usually compete in a "qualifying tournament". The best teams from the qualifying tournament are then selected to advance to a state championship tournament. FLL is not like many other school sports - the FLL teams don't compete in a special league against predetermined schools or clubs. The teams at a qualifying tournament may be from elementary or middle schools, boy or girl scout organizations, or just groups of friends that decided to form a team. Information about FLL in Illinois can be found at this site:

    Teams usually select a qualifying tournament that is reasonably near the location of their team members. It looks there are a number of qualifying tournaments being held near the Chicago area this year. If possible, I would recommend you try to attend one of the upcoming tournaments this year to learn more about FLL. I suspect the people attending the tournaments in your area would be a great resource and could answer many of your questions. The following page has the list of qualifying tournaments in Illinois for this season:
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      Hi, I have a 6th grader who is looking to join a team residing in the Barrington area. Would you have any openings?