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Can an FLL student move up to FTC team after FLL state championship is over?

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  • Can an FLL student move up to FTC team after FLL state championship is over?

    I have 3 FLL students who wish to move up to our FTC team after our FLL state championship is over in December. Are they allowed to join the FTC team in January? I have always understood that a student cannot be a member of more than one team in a competition season. Is this correct? I cannot find the language on the FIRST site. Thank you!

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    I've known many kids that did both FLL and FTC in the same season. I don't believe there is a rule against that. A student can't be a member of two different FLL teams the same season, but that is different.


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      Never mind! I received an answer from FIRST: "Students should only be assigned to participate on one competitive team per season regardless of the program."


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        Well, that's new. I know students who have been the "old kids" on an FLL team and the "young kid" on an FRC team in the same season (14-year-olds, etc.).


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          COLAbots 4295 , what state are you from? And did you hear from national FIRST, or did you hear from your region's staff? I have known several kids that participated in more than one FIRST program within a year.

          I also wonder if this "rule" is actually posted somewhere publicly. "Rule" in quotes because we often see guidance like this use the word "shall" to indicate "you MUST" or "you MUST NOT" and "should" typically means "suggested".

          Our state tournament is this weekend (Virginia-DC) and I will ask our regional partners what they think the rule is.
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