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How to Coach this FALL with COVID -19?

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  • How to Coach this FALL with COVID -19?

    I'm trying to figure out how we're going to do this - I'd love to hear your suggestions, or if anyone has seen guidance from FIRST!!!
    I'm hoping to get started in a few weeks, so that we can start building some solid interpersonal relationships before the Project and programming starts up... but I'm also seriously considering skipping this year.

    We're a homeschool team (as in, our team has always homeschooled, LOL!) and many of my team parents are taking Quarantine *extremely seriously*... as in, I'm not sure if they'll be willing to bring their kids to team meetings. This will be my oldest son's last year, but he's also my child most concerned about spreading infection...

    Has anyone experimented with virtual meetings?
    When we tried last year, it was a mess...

    Have you done in-person meetings with masks?
    How is that working out? How often do you have the kids wash their hands or use sanitizer?
    Do you try to sanitize the Legos? How about the robot? The Field?

    Any and all help appreciated!
    And very ready to sympathize!!!

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    The people in the Facebook Share and Learn group ( are organizing a zoom meeting on this subject next week.
    You can sign up and attend even if you don't belong to the Facebook group.


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      timdavid Thank you for sharing that. Yes. Anyone is welcome to be part of the brainstorming session.
      SPIKE Prime Lessons
      FLL 51 World Festival Champion's
      FRC 8027


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        timdavid Thank you! I missed it, but I guess I'll join the FB group!


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          I run 5 teams through a school environment and this has been occupying a lot of my time trying to figure out what we will and won't be able to do. Here is what I know so far:
          1) Most of what we do will need to be virtual because our school probably won't even have all students on campus at one time. And our after school activity buses are not going to run. So even if we can meet after school only half the team would be there on a given day.
          2) For programming, we have started using EV3Hub to upload and download our program versions so any programmer can access them from anywhere. We started using this last year, and now I am really glad we did.
          3) For building design, we are going to try out Studio 2.0 by Bricklink.
          4) We will have one playing mat and models at school for robot testing and we will dedicate one family from each team to have a playing mat and models at their house for testing.
          5) Team roles are going to be significantly more rigid this year...2-4 programmers, 2-4 builders, 2-4 project researchers/designers. These groups will keep the rest of the team updated and need to coordinate efforts, but we will be limiting passing of the robot around to different kids. I have our massive supply of Legos at my house and will "fill order requests" for anyone who wants to build an attachment idea from a Studio 2.0 design.
          6) For organizing team task lists, we will use Trello.
          7) We will use a Shared Google Drive for each team to store documents, research, photos, etc.
          8) Normally, all 5 teams meet together at school 3 times a week. I am hopeful that the school will allow us to meet with individual teams in person once a week or every other week. Remains to be seen. We also might have a chance for the teams to meet occasionally during the regular school day on the Wednesday "affinity class" times they are creating. Still TBD.
          9) The rest of the meetings will be virtual. I ran 2 virtual Lego Mindstorms summer camps this year and if I maintained a tight agenda with short meeting times and then sent the kids off to experiment, it worked well. Then I just had a couple hours available as "open office hours" on Zoom where they could pop in with questions or get help troubleshooting.
          10) I know some kids will thrive with this arrangement and others will struggle. And it will be a LOT more work for me.
          11) I plan to do announcements and some other things as asynchronous videos via EdPuzzle where I will be able to see which students watched them. I can also set up questions to test for understanding if I want.


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            Kriss356 - sounds like you have some great ideas! Droids Robotics did record the session mentioned earlier in this thread if you are interested in watching it.