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Marked as spam when editing and pasting from pdf issues still exist

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    I saw that the forum updated to v 5.5.5 today. I am going to test the pdf copy and paste. Hopefully it has been fixed.


    Show the Referee that ALL your Equipment fits in either the Large or Small Inspection Area (your choice),
    under an imaginary ceiling 12 in. (30.5 cm) high. If it fits in the Small Inspection area, you get an advantage.
    The “Small Area” advantage for the City Shaper game is 5 points added to each Mission where you score ANY
    points. Exceptions: Mission 14 doesn’t apply, and for Mission 2, you get 10 added instead of 5.
    After passing Inspection, arrange your Equipment anywhere in Home for storage and adjustments, and/or the
    Launch Area for Launch.
    Before the Match starts, you are allowed to calibrate sensors anywhere you like, and/or ask the Referee to
    check the correctness of Mission Models and setups.
    Norfolk, Virginia, USA
    FLL Coach and Regional Tournament Head judge since 2014


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      Hey, it worked!!!

      Try one more:

      28. INTERRUPTION WITH CARGO – If the Robot has Cargo when Interrupted,
      Where was the Cargo acquired?
      ➔ Completely in the Launch Area: Keep it.
      ➔ Not Completely in the Launch Area...
      Where was the Cargo at Interruption?
      ➔ Completely in Home: Keep it.
      ➔ Not Completely in Home: Referee takes it.
      Norfolk, Virginia, USA
      FLL Coach and Regional Tournament Head judge since 2014


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        Also worked! Well done, forum gurus!
        Norfolk, Virginia, USA
        FLL Coach and Regional Tournament Head judge since 2014


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          Oh no, now the posts will get really long with non-relevant information like:

          Think About It
          Have you ever thought about the disposable plastic straw in your drink at a restaurant? When you finish your meal and leave,
          what happens to the straw?
          9-year-old Milo Cress started asking these questions when he noticed that restaurants usually gave him a disposable straw
          with each beverage. The straw was there even if he didn’t need or want it. Milo recycled a lot of his trash at home, but he was
          not able to recycle disposable straws. This seemed like a problem that needed some investigation.
          From Milo’s research, he estimated that people in his country use over 500 million straws every day. That adds up to about
          9,300 large busses full of disposable straws. Milo thought that added up to too much unnecessary trash in landfills!
          To solve this problem, Milo thought maybe restaurants could stop giving straws automatically. Some people would decide
          not to take a straw, and fewer straws would go into the trash. Milo’s Be Straw Free campaign encourages everyone –
          especially kids – to say “no straw, please” at restaurants.
          As Milo said “I’m not the straw police. I’m not saying ‘no straws at all!’” Milo just encourages
          people to consider other options, like buying a reusable or biodegradable straw. “That’s
          something kids can do something about!”
          Even if you do not use disposable straws, you definitely make some sort of trash every day. You
          might call it garbage, rubbish, or even Municipal Solid Waste (MSW). For the TRASH TREK
          Challenge, trash is any item you are done with and want to dispose of.
          Have you thrown away any of these items today?
          ●● Food scraps (like a banana peel or a chicken bone)
          ●● Plastic bags or wrappers
          ●● Used items (like a pen that won’t write
          FLL coach Trash Trek on, State 5x, World 3x, ref, judge advisor.