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Season feedback: Unfair competition and dumb posters.

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    Re: Season feedback: Unfair competition and dumb posters.

    Our school looked at Vex robotics (we'd have to buy whole new sets when the school is already invested in Legos), World Robot Olympiad (no events in our region) and Robofest (smaller, but we might host an event this spring). FLL robot game is hands down the most complex, challenging and interesting. The other robotics events are either a single challenge or not totally autonomous. The FLL game challenges the kids the most, both in engineering their robot and the complexity of code. For this reason, we will continue to participate in FLL next year and put up with the Project and Core Values stuff. Hopefully, we'll get more efficient at doing more with less, and spend less time on the posters next year and more time on the fun stuff - the robot game!