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  • Consolidated judging

    Looks like it will become the norm this year


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    For now. Wonder how long this will last. Hopefully not long


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      Originally posted by Dean Hystad View Post
      For now. Wonder how long this will last. Hopefully not long
      The format was piloted last season (pre-COVID). Sounds like the initial feedback was positive. Depending upon the exact logistics, it may slightly reduce the number of judges and judging rooms needed for an event. It certainly simplifies overall scheduling for the teams. I would be surprised if the format doesn't last beyond this season. I have not heard anything about it from our regional partner yet, but the format certainly makes sense for virtual tournaments. Frankly, if I'm not getting my robot game table back for design judging, this format may be an improvement over last season.
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        My region, North Texas, did consolidated judging last season. I had a team of rookies so they didn't have anything to compare it to. But they seemed to think it went well. Our qualifier tournament (didn't advance beyond that) had some scheduling issues (ref who was not fast as scoring rounds) so Robot Game got way behind. That meant we spent more time queuing than I would have preferred during they day. We were in the first set of teams to go through judging, so it was nice to not have to worry about that part of the schedule during the day. My one complaint is that the outline of the schedule only gave the team two minutes for the prepared portion of the Robot Design Executive Summary. My teams in the past had difficult saying everything they wanted to say in four minutes. Having to cut that in half was hard.
        For comparison, previous judged sessions where 10 minutes long each. Consolidated judging was 20 minutes. So we lost 10 minutes of judging overall. I don't know exactly how that broke down as judges aren't allowed in the room and I'm pretty convinced the judges have a "flashy thing" from Men in Black and mind-wipe the kids right before they leave the judging room. It's always hard to get feedback from them even when we talk right after they return to the pits.
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          From what I've heard from my regional partner, this is as permanent a change in the tournament experience as anything that FIRST does.
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            So not permanent at all. Thank goodness!!


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              Our regional partner in Minnesota about judging for the all-virtual FLL tournaments this fall and winter.
              • FIRST has written new rubrics and made changes to the structure of judging. See judging changes and the new rubrics on under FLL Challenge Team Resources on the High Tech Kids site. All judging will occur within a single 35 minute time slot.
              • Innovation Project – Teams will have the option of uploading a video of their presentation OR giving their presentation live on the day of the event.
              • Robot Design/Programming – Teams should have their robot on hand, however they will NOT be demonstrating what their robot can accomplish in this judging session. Teams should be prepared to screen share their code. Teams will discuss both their robot design and programming. The focus of this session is on the PROCESS.