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  • How to Ask a Great Question

    The forums are for rookies and veterans of Jr.FLL, and more often than not, the veterans are happy to help guide the less experienced program participants. In fact, many of the veteran coaches thrive on hard problems and thought-provoking questions. Whether you are new or seasoned, we hope that you will take the time to review these simple tips we provide to help maximize your forum experience.

    Before You Ask
    • Do your homework. Take the time to thoroughly review all of the materials and resources that are associated with this year’s Challenge. You can also search the forums for your topic or question, which is a good way to prevent duplicate questions.
    • Take time to prepare your question. It will likely get the response you are looking for if you spend the time to not only formulate your question appropriately, but indicate that you have tried to solve the problem yourself.
    • Demonstrate that you are hungry for knowledge. “Where can I find age-appropriate information on gearing?” will get better responses than “Please post links for our research paper.”

    When You Ask
    • The forums are organized into categories and sub-categories. We know that questions can sometimes fall into a few different categories, so make sure to carefully review the different options and try to select the most relevant categories and sub-categories.
    • Use tags! Tags are like keywords, and when you use them correctly, you will help ensure that your posts can be found. You can use tags to highlight the really important themes of your question. If your question is related to organizing a Jr.FLL local event, you will want to use the tags “Jr.FLL,” and “local event.”
    • Be patient. Your question may get answers immediately, but it also may take a few hours or days before anyone responds. You will want to subscribe to the forum to be alerted when there are responses to your question. To subscribe, go to your User Profile and edit the subscriptions.