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Mini builds - Session 1

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  • Mini builds - Session 1

    Hi, Has anyone tried the Lego Mini builds as part of Session 1? Are all the parts needed for the session from Inspire set? What are some of the Mini builds ideas to explore?

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    Hi! I'm curious about this too. What is meant by building a LEGO mini figure (page 13 of the Team Meeting Guide)? Thanks all!


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      Mini builds are where the kids use the small base plates in the Inspire kit and the other LEGO pieces to build something to answer a question. The kids have a few minutes, I usually give mine about 5 minutes, and then they present to the group what their idea is. There are no set parts because the kids are just being creative. Our group supplements the Inspire Kit with the LEGO education Community set so there are plenty of LEGO pieces for the kids to choose from. The questions for each mini build are in the Team Meeting Guide and in the Engineering notebook with each session. For example, in Session 1, the kids do 2 - one with what they bring to the team, and one for their idea for a team name. Session 2 they do one for what they would bring to the Moon with them.
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        Thanks for the response. One follow-up question - so looks like these LEGO Mini builds are not necessarily meant to go with the Moon Base part of the Challenge - they are just meant as guidelines to help with the creativity, designing, presenting ideas etc.

        We have the WeDo2.0 set that includes the motorized LEGO kit. There is only 1 motor in it. What if the team's design needs ask for more moving parts related to one or more of the problems?