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Girl Scout Badges you can earn along with FIRST Lego League Junior

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  • Girl Scout Badges you can earn along with FIRST Lego League Junior

    I'm a Girl Scout troop leader (2 troops, 5 FIRST teams). Thought I'd share some badges that can be earned in the course of a FLL-Jr Season:

    Inventor Badge: I encourage my teams to identify a problem and come up with a novel solution, even if it isn't what they wind up using for their final model. You can definitely incorporate the Inventor Badge into the process!
    Digital Arts: Computer Expert (use computer for graphics, etc on your Show-me poster) - you may not meet all the requirements through the season, but you might hit at least a couple, and wind up with a great looking poster in the process
    Pets Badge: At least for Creature Craze this year, I think you could definitely earn this in the course of researching the topic!
    Bugs: Ditto for this year - I think your research into bugs can be used for some of the badge requirements, and also for the Fll-Jr research
    And there's always the "Make your Own" badge. Create your own badge for the Creature Craze Season!

    Animal Habitats: Perfect for the Creature Craze Season!
    Product Designer: With a little creativity, you can incorporate this. What are products geared towards animals today? What are some unmet needs that a new product should be designed for?
    And again, there's always the "Make Your Own" badge for the Creature Craze/Animal Allies season!

    If you're doing FLL-Jr within your Girl Scout Troop, be sure to ask your local council if funding is available. Motorola has grants at the national GSUSA level for Girl Scout Councils that support FIRST teams (it requires that your council apply for it).