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  • Making the snack

    As I'm using the coach's guide, it mentions making the snack, but does not include a sample agenda for when to make the snack.....does it matter when we make it? We don't make it at the event do we? I assume we make it after we research it, and then do the show me and model. I just wanted some clarification. Thanks.

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    Re: Making the snack

    Our snack is pizza, so we're not making it!

    I'd say it's not necessary to make the snack, but it could help the team to think through the steps of preparing it, and give you an opportunity to explore food safety with the handling of the snack.

    I would do it earlier than later, before the team starts designing the model.


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      Re: Making the snack

      I am confused about the same thing. Is the snack supposed to be part of the display at the event or just part of the poster??


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        Re: Making the snack

        No, technically the actual snack should not be part of the model nor the poster, but some organizers "might" give you a break if you do. So, just don't do that. Pictures of the snack can be put on the poster.

        The actual snack and how to make it is just part of the strategies for the coach to help children learn during the team meetings.

        At the event, you will have only one poster and one LEGO model.
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          cakes & fruits is a good choice