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Can FIRST LEGO League Jr. Teams be limited to less ages/grades?

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  • Can FIRST LEGO League Jr. Teams be limited to less ages/grades?

    I'm helping set up teams at our elementary school as a parent coach/mentor. Our principal has asked if the teams can be limited to only grades K-2. Does anyone know if there are any rules within FIRST limiting the participation? Or is this just a suggested grade band and we can modify within? I have concerns with limiting grades if we don't get enough volunteers (seems we would need more volunteers to help with the younger kiddos). Thanks in advance.

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    I haven't run a school program but we helped set up teams in multiple schools in out town. We recruited coaches first and then let them choose kids for their team. They usually had kids that were their kids ages. So we had some teams that were just Kinder and some that were more 2nd/3rd grade. We honestly didn't get much participation from 3rd graders. We had a lot of K/1st grade and a fewer 2nd grade and almost no 3rd grade.

    There are no rules from FIRST about how to form a team. But I would work on the parents first. Is your program going to be at school? Or are the teams going to meet independently? We knew a teacher at a nearby school who opened up the program to anyone who wanted to come and they all met together after school. It was the last year she offered. Over 100 kids came and very few parents. So make sure you have parents on board first. I would hold a info meeting and at the end tell the parents "now is your time to get together with each other and make teams". Worked pretty well.