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    Why type and size of storage containers do you use to store all of your LEGOS/WeDo and project as it is being built?

    We know that the grey baseplate is 15"x 15", so we were thinking it would be helpful to buy a clear plastic bin that has those dimensions (or larger) at the bottom of the bin.
    We are having trouble because we know that the dimensions listed are the top of the container and it usually becomes more narrow.


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    We're using 12 gallon Sterilite containers from Target. A baseplate fits, they're about 8" high, and they stack well (necessary when running 5 FLL Jr. teams)
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      I recently found myself faced with the same question as blankj and, after much exploration, settled on the Sterilite 105 Qt Latch Box, Black, (Available of Set of 4 or Single Unit) via Walmart website. The link below is to a tweet I shared with pictures of a single latch box with both the blue WeDO box and the Mission MOON Inspire set box settled flush inside. The dimensions of the box are: 32 1/8" x 19 1/8" x 13 3/4" which still meets the 30 by 15 inches guidelines for the base even with the slightly sloping walls. Good luck!


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        Try the 15 by 15 measurement.