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2014 Challenge Topic -- too boring?

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  • 2014 Challenge Topic -- too boring?

    Is anyone else absolutely stumped by this year's topic?! Last year, my kids came up with tons of different ideas. When it came time to build, they had no problem incorporating the motor & simple machines. This year, we are all scratching our heads.

    I feel, as homeschoolers, we have a little bit of an advantage as we are already used to thinking outside the box and using creative learning aides. But how do you add a motor to a model of math blocks?!

    I don't even want to go over the Challenge Document with them.... it says they should "Identify a Place and a Learning Tool" from page 2 and then research that and build it. What if they pick "library" & "MP3 player"? Unless they plan on catapulting their MP3-wearing minifig out of a helicopter, I am not seeing how a simple machine or motor is being added in there.

    I'm sorry, but I don't think FIRST put any thought or effort into the Jr. portion this year! The topic is no fun and I am seriously disappointed. I teach Jr.FLL as a "class" in my co-op, but after seeing the material, I changed the name from Jr.FLL to LEGO Engineering so I would be free to do what I want. So far the kids are having more fun and learning way more doing LEGO Quests and Simple Machine challenges that I am finding on Pinterest.

    Can anyone give me any ideas on how to give my kids some direction on this topic?

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    Re: 2014 Challenge Topic -- too boring?

    Not a homeschooler, but I'm having similar difficulties with the challenge topic... this is my first time even being involved in the program. I’m going to follow one leader’s advice and I’m going to talk about what the kids like learning about (space, dinosaurs, animals, plants, human body, etc). And then talking about what we could use to help learn more about that subject. I’m hoping that this will prompt the kids to think about what they want to learn more about in the meeting and what they want to build (Time Machine to visit real live dinosaurs, special space ship that can go to the sun, etc).


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      Re: 2014 Challenge Topic -- too boring?

      i have the same problem and nobody answer this for 1 year
      i dont have any ideas if you find any ideas about this in one year pls share us...
      ukash | ukash | ukash


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        Re: 2014 Challenge Topic -- too boring?

        one month past and no one answer
        its very difult problem i think
        ukash | ukash | ukash


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          Re: 2014 Challenge Topic -- too boring?


          Welcome to the FLL forum. I know you will find a lot of useful information about FIRST FLL in these pages.

          The reason nobody has answer your request maybe because you did not provide the context for the request. Please introduce yourself. Are you a student or coach? What country are you from? What resources have you used to research this topic.
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            Re: 2014 Challenge Topic -- too boring?

            Also, everyone here in the US is now focused (or will be soon) on the Trash Trek theme for 2015. I agree that learning wasn't a theme that easily caught on last year, but there was a huge variety of really interesting projects that where done, ranging from how to teach/learn skills for a specific group of people (seniors or kids for example) or how to teach specific skills (math, reading, cooking). Now famous, Droid Robotics made a really nice website and set of great lessons on how to learn to program the EV3 (and now lego robots in general).
            Good luck!


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              Re: 2014 Challenge Topic -- too boring?

              @ukash, are you in Jr. FLL? I am not familiar enough with the Jr. FLL program to give you specific advice. However, speaking to FLL, I saw a huge variety of topics for the World Class season: Here are just a few examples.
              1) How can we improve the way we learn to play soccer? (location - on a field)
              2) How can we improve self-confidence for girls? (location - in school)
              3) How can we improve how we learn history in school?
              4) How can we improve the way we learn Algebra in school?
              5) Dealing why shyness/introverted children
              6) How can we improve the way we learn to tie laces?
              7) Improving learning for various disabilities (blindness, dyslexia)

              Take a look at the FLL Global Innovation Award Page. Each team provides a description of their project. There are over 500 of them. This might help you out for the Trash Trek season.
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                The reason no person has the solution to your request maybe because you did no longer offer the context for the request. Please introduce yourself. Are you a student or coach? What united states of America are you from? What sources have you ever used to investigate this subject matter? Cheap Buy Essays


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                  Things could boring enough, but only when you are not relate with such a thing, for example if you're a engineer in technical field you might be closer to things attached with tech equipment but if you read a different topic.
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