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Team Numbers vs. Team Caps

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  • Team Numbers vs. Team Caps

    I am a mentor for an FLL Junior Team and our school is sponsoring several teams. Based on funds, etc. we were designated a list of kids on our team, which is above 6 (like 9 or 10). We should have enough adults in the room for meetings to make it work there. Administrator has told that all the kids can go to the competition, but some kids won't necessarily "present" if everyone continues through. Can someone help me envision what this could look like without causing a major issue? The kids will all participate in our weekly meetings and if we get t-shirts or anything everyone will get one. Does that mean they could stand next to the table for the 10 minute presentation and no big deal or could this be a big problem with some of the kids being turned away from the space or forced to sit elsewhere?