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FLL - Need info on registering a coach

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  • FLL - Need info on registering a coach


    We managed to gather a new team for 2016. Few questions regarding coach for the team

    1. I understand screening is done by FIRST. When and where should I enter the details of the coach? Does coach screening happen before team registrations?
    2. Can an FRC member be also registered as one of the coaches? Or do you suggest he/she just be mentor for the team?


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    Re: FLL - Need info on registering a coach

    My information is for based on how we do things in the US. Not sure if it varies across the world.
    The details below won't work until after May 10th as the system is down until then. Details also might change with the system since this is the time that they would make major enhancements to the system.

    If you are to be the coach, you will end up creating a login in the Team Information Management System (TIMS). Once in there, you will enter all of your information and create a "team". The team won't yet have team members.

    You will then be put through the background check. In the slower times (May - August), this might take up to a week. As we get closer to the season, my previous experience is that MOST people will be through in about 2 days. Sometimes there are a few stragglers that take a week or so.

    After you get your background check done, you can register your team members. You do that by inviting parent's in the system by entering their name and email address. The parents will receive an email from the system and they will also have to create an ID and supply information. Your login will be able to see which parents have done that and which havent.

    As for #2, I believe the rules (in the US) are that all coaches need to be 18 years of age or older. Official mentors that are registered in the system might be the same though I am not sure. Once you have 2 coaches, I dont see any problem having unofficial mentors helping out who are younger than 18.