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Letting outside fights get into the meetings?

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  • Letting outside fights get into the meetings?

    Dear community,
    I am coaching our school's Jr.FLL group of six 2nd graders, as a volunteering parent, one of them is my daughter.
    The kids interact more or less OK at meetings, but it doesn't reflect in their behavior outside of the meetings.
    One of the boys is openly hostile to my daughter, encouraging others not to play with her. We keep talking in group about the core values, but seemingly it doesn't get through wi th everybody OUTSIDE group. The parents of this kid just back him or ignore or request that they talk with him to better his behavior.

    My question here:
    Can I somehow reflect this bad behavior in group, and how? I really feel very ambiguent about spending my time to a kid who gives my daughter s rough time.

    What do you think?
    Ofir Glazer
    Coach, Jr.FLL#308 The Robotics Engineers
    Bootstrap Mentor, FRC#5635 Demacia
    Jr.FLL Reviewer
    FLL Technical Judge
    FRC Judge