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  • Think Tank topic question

    My team has met twice, and my team co-leader and I are having trouble getting the kids to narrow in on a project idea as the theme is so broad. First, we tried to focus on the chart in the guidebook that indicated examples of places and tools used and tried to get a sense of what the kids were most interested in. This led to mostly their love of technology. But I still couldn't quite pinpoint how the project was going to go since learning is happening all the time. Then we tried to narrow in on the topics of interest they had, and we voted on the top ideas. However, I think the way we should have gone about doing this was to think about which tool they would like to construct out of Legos, where it could be used, and then how we can show it with motion. Then, the kids would research the history of the tool (some choices tossed around so far include a digital camera, laptop, tablet, binoculars, a telescope, videos and a video camera) and how it works today. We will meet 4 more times. Any tips on how your group chose a topic?

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    Re: Think Tank topic question

    This was sooo hard for me. I finally asked the kids what they wanted to learn and was amazed at how specific they were. We had our democratic vote on which we wanted to learn and had a tie so I decided we'd learn both and then choose from there. So far we've only done the first activity and sat down with a brainstorming activity asking to list all of the tools we used. Next we get to build it. I'm so glad we've finally gotten somewhere.


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      Re: Think Tank topic question

      This season's subject was indeed a little vague. Here's what we did:
      at first:
      * Came up with examples of things we've learned, where and by what tool.
      * Played with the "information sources" activity.
      * Kids thought at home about specific learning opportunities they had, in different locations and learning tools.
      * Brainstormes about a a learning place + location. Now the children were well-prepared so we brainstormed quite effectively for some ideas, and finally narrowed it down to a short-list of two tools - both in the public park.
      * We added a list possible information sources to these final two options - one of them was clearly richer in that regards, so it was chosen unanimously.

      We are now invetigating: Place: The Park. Learning Tool: The Park's Vegetation.
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